Breath Medicine

Breath Medicine is a dynamic practice that includes yogic techniques such as meditation, pranayama, kriya, laya, mantra, asana and other breathing modalities such as the Wim Hof method and Holotropic Breathwork along with breathing techniques unique to Breath Medicine. Our breath journeys are set to music and are a Shamanic style ceremony where the BREATH IS THE MEDICINE

The intention of Breath Medicine is to create a safe, compassionate and loving space where the practitioner is able to use the breath as medicine to go deep into the subconscious mind and explore any unresolved wounding. The practice will also help move any energy that is currently stuck in the physical and emotional bodies. As to be expected, when doing this type of work there are times when intense energy can arise in the form of thoughts and emotions. This is the shadow work and ultimately what we are doing is Soul Retrieval. This is a term used to describe removing the psycho-emotional barriers that cause us to lose contact with our Soul. Soul Loss occurs whenever we experience physical or emotional trauma. Over time a shadow begins to cover up our inner light, which can manifest in many ways such as depression, anxiety, anger and addiction just to name a few. The breath opens up a portal to allow the light of loving awareness to illuminate the dark caverns within us.


Before every class we talk with each student to review any medications currently being taken and medical issues that we should be aware of. Practices can be uniquely crafted to provide the experience that is most conducive for healing. Sometimes this calls for more relaxing breathing techniques and heart opening physical movements. Other times it may call for more intense practices and sometimes it's a combination of both. We will meet you where you are at and take you beyond what you think is possible.

We are all one big Soul Family on this magical journey of life breathing together.