Rebel Yoga is a holistic practice that combines the ancient teachings of yoga along with current modalities to create a dynamic system that works on all layers of the physical and emotional bodies, where movement and stillness merge together as one, enabling us to live a life of radical aliveness.

The core of Rebel Yoga is founded upon the teachings of Sattva Yoga. Sattva Yoga uses all the practices of yoga to include: meditation, pranayama, kriya, laya, hatha asana, freedom movement/dance and group work. Sattva Yoga is an ever evolving practice anchored in the ancient teachings of Vedanta and Tantra. Sattva Yoga incorporates the five yogas of life:

  • Raja - meditation
  • Bhakti - devotion
  • Jnana – knowledge/wisdom
  • Karma – selfless service
  • Tantra – liberation

Along with Sattva Yoga, Rebel Yoga incorporates Non-Dual Saiva TantraKundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), Power Yoga, Foundation Training, Pilates and other modalities that tie into our Mission of total physical and emotional transformation to support the evolution of global consciousness. 

Whenever a movement becomes too big and commercial a new underground begins to emerge. Yoga is now entering this phase. The totality of yoga has been reduced to its parts rather than the sum. Another time bound mechanism that keeps us striving and searching for that which is never discovered. 

Rebel Yoga is leading this underground revolution, a resurgence of the teachings as a whole with ALL the tools in yoga science, where the state, experience and practice of yoga merge into one. 

We are humble vessels of the ancient knowledge and wisdom, a long golden chain of students. We know our Soul's purpose (dharma) is to spread these teachings around the world.

Rebel Yoga will always be students first and teachers second. 

It is for my teacher Anand Mehrotra that I humbly dedicate Rebel Yoga, an offering of my unbounded gratitude and dedication as a student and brother. OM NAMA SHIVAYA.


We are a global consciousness movement traveling the Planet spreading JOY, PASSION, LOVE and YOGA to all Beings everywhere. Through our own AWAKENING we inspire and uplift others so they may WAKE UP.

Rebel Yoga’s Foundation, Rebel Recovery is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization whose sole mission is: Seva (selfless service), providing free yoga, meditation and other services as needed around the World to communities affected by addiction, violence and poverty.

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More about the founder of Rebel Yoga: Nataraj