The global vision of Rebel Yoga is to help humans evolve and WAKE UP. It’s that simple. Upon our own powerful awakenings, everyone at Rebel Yoga is passionate about living a life of radical unconditional love for Self and all Beings everywhere.

To wake up is to realize that you are the creator of your own destiny. The greatest illusion in life is to think that the World is creating your reality for you. The reality you know to be life is merely a reflection of your own internal beliefs and attitudes. What keeps us from seeing this clearly is ultimately our own Shadow. Every single one of us faces challenges every day. The challenges themselves aren’t what define us. What defines us is how we overcome these challenges.

In order to break through the shackles we must go through the FIRE. We must confront our demons and shadow and face them head on. There’s no way around it. Every one of us has been hurt. When we store that pain in our minds and body over time all of these things build up and it causes us to see the world through a filtered lens. Everything we perceive gets run through the filter of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy of love”.

This self-destructive mental story is the root of all our malfunctions. We constantly search for something or someone to help heal this deep internal sense of lack. Shopping, sex, money, pornography, drugs, alcohol, food, fame, gossiping…all addictions at their root spring from the mental story of I’m not good enough.

Each of us is comprised of two entities. Our Soul and our Ego. The Ego is that aspect of ourselves that feels separate from the whole. The Ego lives in the mind. The Ego’s most fundamental attribute is Fear. It’s constantly looking for something to justify its sense of inadequacy. It’s never present because it’s constantly in one of two states: Attraction and Aversion. It craves the things that give the Ego a temporary high and it fears the things that cause pain. There’s a constant sense of restlessness, as it’s never satisfied with what it has.

The Ego is never present because it’s always judging itself for something that’s happened in the past or daydreaming about its next temporary fix to make itself feel better. The irony is that we get caught in a perpetual cycle of doing things that initially create pleasure but then ultimately cause pain (self-judgment). The mind has a funny way of only remembering the pleasure from an experience. So even though we know on some level the things we’re doing cause pain, the Ego overrides that memory and repeatedly goes for the pleasure.

Our Soul is that aspect of ourselves that watches all of this madness go on. It’s that friendly voice that talks to you from time to time to let you know you’re going to be okay. As we move through life we create different Identities. We may go through a phase where we’re into a certain genre of music and dress a certain way and then after a few years our taste changes and we change our Identity. The Soul watches all of these different Identities come and go but stays the same. It’s the one thing in our life that is constant. The Soul lives in the heart. There are lots of words used to describe the Soul: Spirit, Atman, True Self, God Within, Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness.



There are lots of ways to connect to this higher Self within: skateboarding, snowboarding, running, biking, yoga, meditation, cross-fit, music, dancing, painting, nature. When we connect to our higher Self, there is no more feeling of insecurity, that I’m not good enough. Our mind is no longer fixated in time (past/future) and we become fully immersed into what’s happening in the NOW. In this timeless realm of the now are the feelings of JOY and contentment. The mind and its thoughts fall into the background and the sensations of the HEART become the primary sense of perception. In that moment of being “in the flow” you are no longer searching for anything. You are that which you’ve been searching for. There’s no more longing to find love, YOU ARE LOVE.

At the core of Rebel Yoga is the realization that there isn’t anything you need to change. With all of your faults and insecurities you are loved absolutely unconditionally. It’s in this space of total acceptance and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which allows another human being to JUST BREATHE for the first time in their life, knowing they are totally accepted exactly as they are. If you never change one thing in your life, and you continue doing all of the things you’re doing, it does NOT change the fact that you’re accepted and loved unconditionally.

This doesn’t mean that LOVE cannot be fierce. When love is coming from our higher self it’s free from attachment and the need for acceptance of another person for our Self to feel complete. The ultimate expression of true love is the gift of SPACE to allow another person to be who they are along with COMPASSION in knowing that they are only doing what they currently know how to do with where they’re at in their journey.


A REBEL is someone who has refused to be told what is Truth. For better or worse, we’ve gone through the fire to face our demons to discover what Truth is for us. In this process of going through the fire and coming out the other side we forgive those who have hurt us and those we have hurt. By exposing the darkness of the Shadow we’re able to let the light of the Soul shine through, ultimately weakening the power of the Ego and putting an end to the Ego’s mantra “I’m not good enough” and allowing the mantra of the heart I AM LOVE to resonate through every cell of our being. The survival of our planet depends on each and every one of us to WAKE UP. It is our deepest desire to create a more loving and peaceful planet for our future generations.