Meditation Initiation

Initiation into the Sattva Yoga meditation practice includes:

  • 60 minute consultation
    • Review physical & emotional issues
    • Current medications
    • Overview of the science behind how meditation works
    • Correct meditation posture
    • How to breathe
  • Three 30 minute meditation practices with Daniel
  • Thorough breakdown and instruction on how to do each of the techniques in the meditation practice
  • Your own personal mantra
  • 14, 30 and 60 day follow up discussions
  • Free mala

We do not use just one technique such as repeating a silent mantra (Transcendental Meditation). The Sattva Yoga meditation practice includes specific techniques used to tune the mind/body apparatus into deeper states of awareness.

Through the consistent practice of meditation we're able to pull ourselves out of the story of the mind. We can then begin to experience life from a new perspective, outside the limitations of the five senses. It's in this place of deeper states of awareness that we can live a life of JOY, PASSION and LOVE.