Yoga Resume



Workshops/yoga classes at the following studios and festivals around the country:

Style of Yoga:

Daniel teaches Sattva Yoga which combines meditation, pranayama, kriya, laya, hatha asana, ecstatic movement and group work all weaved together into a yoga journey with music. There are no set sequences per se in Sattva Yoga but we can create similar energetic classes that are suitable for yoga studios. For example, a Sattva Power Flow class that incorporates the fundamental components of a power yoga class with a Sattva twist. There is a lot of freedom in the practice to create unique and powerful experiences for the students.

There are 7 waves to a Sattva Yoga journey which are the components listed above. A Sattva class consists of at least 3 of the 7 but can have all 7 for longer more powerful journeys. For festivals a live DJ and musicians are often incorporated for a more ecstatic and livey experience.


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